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We specialize in '79 to present Mustangs. Custom tuning is available for all Ford, GM, Chrysler vehicles - everything from your daily driver to a 2500+HP race car. We have an in-house 224lc Dynojet Dyno with a custom data acquisition system and a load bearing brake setup. The dyno is in ground so very low cars are not a problem.

We are capable of:

  • Reading drive shaft speed vs. engine RPM to check converter slippage
  • 8 EGT's
  • 8 Wideband 02's
  • Fuel Pump Volume
  • 2 forms of boost pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Trans pressure 

Race car dyno use is by appointment only and pricing varies depending on your set up. For your street car we can monitor up to 2 A/F reading and all the engine sensors if your car is '96 or newer (any make). We offer SCT and Diablo custom tuning for fuel injected Ford vehicles.


We also specialize in tuning the following stand alone engine management system:

  • Accel Gen6 and Gen7
  • Holley Camander
  • AEM
  • FAST and XFI
  • Mega Squirt
  • Big stuff 3
  • Motec 

We offer a full fabrication shop in house. Let us design roll a role cage for your street or race car - everything from a basic 4 point design all the way to a complete 6.0 25.2 certification. We can also customize intercooler piping, custom air to water coolers, anything that has to be mig or tig welded aluminum or steel, custom turbo systems are also offered to fit any application.


We are authorized dealers for the following manufacturers:

  • Hellion Power Systems
  • Procharger Superchargers
  • Vortec Superchargers
  • Turbonetics Turbo Chargers
  • Big Stuff 3
  • Advance Clutch Technologies
  • UPR Products
  • SCT Tuning Products
  • Riechard Racing
  • Wilson Manifolds
  • Bassani Exhaust
  • Nitto Tire
  • Ford Racing
  • Paxton Superchargers 


That's just to name a few.