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Mid Atlantic Performance is your one stop shop for Mustang performance. We are also the only true Ford calibration facility in the Richmond area. Along with 16 years of experience, We have attended every advanced class there is to insure your car will perform and drive correctly along with making the most reliable power with your combination. We are also the only ones in the area that have taken the SCT advanced calibration class. This gives us the ability to calibrate your drive by wire system on your 05+ Mustang. We can access parts of your calibration that other shops in the area simply cannot! We also pride ourselves in doing top notch work while still offering affordable pricing to our customers. Give us a call anytime or stop by to check out what we have to offer!


Virginia's Prime Dyno Facility


Our 224lc Dynojet Dyno is an in-ground unit to accommodate lowered cars. Our hours for the dyno are very flexible to meet your schedule. We offer dyno sessions 24/7. Our rates are by far the cheapest in the state - starting at $60.00 per hour. We specialize in ‘79 to current Mustangs.