Richmond, Virginia Mustangs - Custom, High Performance Mustangs in VA

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: Love those 2008 Cobras, don't you?
: Former Jarhead August 03, 2017, 10:58:24 AM
 ::) Just got my 1965 replica Cobra titled and registered in Virginia, with a date showing the car is a 2008 because that's when it was built.  I didn't have the proof they needed to show them that this is in fact a '65 in every respect.   So, it's time to get a safety inspection sticker, which will be a challenge since my '65 doesn't even have a catalytic converter, or a roof, or air bags, etc. etc.  Are there safety inspectors out there who will look at my car and say, "That's a '65, and that's the standard I'm going to use," or is it an automatic 'Fail?'

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